My Utopia Res!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by GeneralWillikers, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. How Can I Help Make Your Utopia Res Happen?
    Ok I am working on making my utopia res a bunch of giant farms. So I am reaching out to you guys to help me. First you can help by donating materials. I will need redstone, pistons (regular),stone (or any other different building materials such as wood) and any other things that you think will help in the process of getting it done.. You can donate it to my second res which is on utopia. The res number is 5239. The second way is to help is by if you know how to build a giant farm (sugar cane, wheat, potatoes, carrots, melons, and pumpkins). I also would like a giant furnace array for smelting and a tree farm lie the automatic one that puts it into a giant brick without leaves. I also would like a stone generator that puts them into a giant brick form. There may be some more giant farms needing to be added later. I will keep track of the people who donate or help design. If you donated please send me a pm on the forums saying you did and what you donated so I can add your name to donators/helpers list. Ty in advance for everyone who helps.
  2. Reserved for Donators/Helpers
  3. Not online atm so can't get a screenshot, but I can build a huge auto-farm that collects with a flick of a lever, also I can make 1.8 villager breeders, you can check them out at /v DatFoxMan-4 on utopia until I get home :p
  4. ok ty and what auto farm you mean like wheat or something else and do you have any unlimated paper villagers because i am in need of them because i lost 4 of those to the glitch that made them disapeer
  5. I can supply and deliver you any and all materials that you may need for the project.

    I can get DC's of redstone, stone, pistons, sand, seeds, etc. Send me a PM sometime
  6. ok ty man that will help a lot
  7. ok ill take a dc of redstone, and 20 stacks of regular pistons, and a dc of potatoes
  8. well you've seen my farms :p

    If you need start up crops, wood, and still have access to my res.

  9. ok ty