My Upcoming Hiatus

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  1. Well, I am going on vacation/holiday/whatever it's called where you live. :p I'm going back to the country my family is from, that would be Pakistan; hence, explaining my slight accent on Mumble, haha. I will be leaving the night of August 2nd, US EST time. I will be a gone for a little over a month. I just wanted to put this out there. This may be the last few days I play minecraft since I'm starting high school, but hopefully not. I just wanted to thank you all if this is the last of me, but stay tuned. I will try my best to get back on soon. :) So I guess I'll see you around?
  2. It's been fun playing with you, hope you can stick around.
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  3. Will miss you (In the PvP arena's also :p) I hope you don't leave Minecraft!! Have fun!
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  4. Have a great holiday. Enjoy yourself.
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  5. We Will miss you !! You should sell me my head if you don't come back !
  6. You can never leave EMC entirely. :p See you around, Dr_Chocolate. :)
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  7. Have a great holiday! Please try and come back when you can! :)
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  8. Noooo! You can't leave! Well, I'll miss you. Hope you can come back some time.
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  9. You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.
  10. Hope to see you again
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  11. I'm leaving for my flight. I'll see you all in a month, hopefully.
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