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  1. As a personal project i've visited many servers and made reviews of them (in text, soon video also *hope*) and here it's Empire Minecraft one, maybe is not 100% complete (my tumblr isnt public till i make 3+ server reviews.

    Empire minecraft –
    The empire minecraft could be one of the biggest survival servers ever, but also is an awesome server, because being big doesn’t mean being awesome.
    The Empire is divided by 5 servers (number that could change with time) wich are called smp1-4 and utopia.
    Smp1-4 Are (as name says) Survival Multiplayer servers with capacities of 60 players (or more) and Utopia is a server in wich only Gold – Diamond supporters can build/explore.
    How server works – Plugins
    Server plugins are hidden from public, so it’s hard to make a list of them, BUT some plugins are just too obvious:
    • Residence plugin
    • ChestShop plugin (A type of plugin that communicates online with their website)
    • Economy plugin (I don’t know if it’s iconomy or other type, but works well which is what is needed)
    • Multi-world (same as economy)
    How server works – Staff
    The staff is divided this way: Admins>Senior Moderators> Moderators >Players
    Only admins choose moderators/senior moderators and this ones are really trusted by them, so don’t expect to login and get moderator easy as 1,2,3!
    How server works – Getting in!
    The server has a nice way to allow players into the actual server, it’s a combination of maze/guide.
    In order to go inside you need to register at the website and pass trough a human test, in wich you need to put a code that appears when you try to login for first time and register at the website
    ( after that you need to read “the guide” in order to get the answers for the maze.
    At the end of this maze you will have some items (like sapplings, bread, stone tools and torches) and some cash (wich is called rupees)
    First impressions
    When you leave the maze you will be at the /town (wich is spawn) and then you will need to find an open residence to start your minecraft experience.
    After claiming one (you can see wich are open via the dynamaps) you can start building or explore the wilderness.
    The wilderness is a world apart from town world, in there the mobs spawn, the world is a normal world with ores and stuff and also there is no kind of protection/tp to your house, the only way is to walk back to the /wilderness spawn point, that is only to keep the survival part of the game.
    The staff is friendly and 80% effective, there are tons of cases where people that is doing bad stuff doesn’t get banned and also cases when there is no moderator+ online.

    Staff: 7/10
    Organization: 8/10
    Forums: 9/10
    General aspects: 8/10

    Anti-grief: Yes at town (residence plugin) none at wilderness/nether/end
    No logblock, Hawkeye, BigBrother…
    Anti-spam: Yes

    I will edit this post with more information as long as I get it J
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