My Tribute To EMC

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  1. This is a story of how I came to EMC.

    I was told about Minecraft by my best friend on the way home from a movie. He told me things that intrigued me very much. I decided to play classic. After being greifed and wanting more of a challenge, I decided to buy the full version. I was amazed. I had only played on peaceful for awhile, and then I watched paulsoresjr's tutorials. I now play on normal all the time and am an expert on Minecraft, but back to the story.

    I searched server after server, sometimes stopping for good ones, but when I found EmpireMinecraft on, I was intrigued to try it. That, was the best choice of my gaming life. I immediately read the Empire Guide and joined smp1. I went through the tutorial with ease. Soon after, smp2 came out, and I moved there. I made many friends and loved this server.

    Soon, I was accepted into a secret project and loved it. It was hidden deep in smp3 and I was with many other friends. Soon after, the wild was reset and our hard work was gone, but we were still happy about our project and how far we got.

    Today, I am a supporter and spend most of my time with my 2 friends on smp2, dmj654 and reznov529. I am a kind person, and am lately joining more projects and helping more new people. I still enjoy this server and my current goal is getting diamond supporter and becoming rich (at least getting 500k rupees).

    I love this server, and will continue to play :D I thank JustinGuy and GamekribJeremy for this wonderful server. I also hope ICC does a good job as admin.
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  2. [FIRST :D :D :D] This is an amazing story :)
  3. [Second :D :D] Well I Dont Know Good Job
  4. You do now that Gamekribjermey is icecreamcom.
  5. yes he does :p its a thing thats going to go around for a longggg timeeee... lol never gets old i have to say.. ICC played a good trick :)

    on topic: this is a pretty good story luckily a happy one not a sad one :p
  6. Thanks for positive feedback and comments everyone :D