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  1. Are trees supposed to get this big or is this a glitch of some sort? I've never seen one this big.
    2011-10-26_10.59.57.png 2011-10-26_11.00.14.png
  2. Nice tree how did you get it to grow so big? O_O
  3. Did you put more than one sapling next to each other? That is a rather large tree!
  4. I have saplings near each other but they're 5-6 blocks apart. It was funny because i planted a bunch of saplings and waited a while for them to grow and when I came and checked on them there was only one tree. Half way through harvesting my lonely tree this monster just sprouted right before my eyes :-D

    I still have the same amount of saplings in the same spots and this hasn't happened again.
  5. 1337 hax is what i call on this
  6. It's a normal size large tree. Oak trees have a chance to grow branches given adequate space.
  7. oh derp derp on me i didn't even pay attention that it was an oak tree...
  8. Heh I've got a tree story.

    I believe Aus was there when I had a tree grow, in a similar manner, and merge into one of the street trees. I had to call a moderator to come and chop it all out.

    If you're looking to grow mutant trees all the time, I suggest you plant them close together. I use a 16x16 grid. Doesn't take up a lot of space and I get especially large trees growing a lot of the time. A fair warning, however, you will be dealing with a lot of leaves to cut through.
  9. You can force a large tree to grow by surrounding the sapling in a 2 block high wall (3x3) and using bonemeal on it.
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