My Tier list of the top 10 SSB4 Characters (Pros and Cons listed)

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  1. 10. Dark Pit
    Pros: Better Arrows Than Pit
    Cons: No one asked for him. . . good job Sakurai. . .
    9. PAC-MAN
    Pros: Bring him as a friend to a party
    Cons: His eyes are the shape of him-self, weird. . .
    8. ROB
    Pros: Better Personality upgrade
    Cons: Last of his kind?!
    7. Falco
    Pros: Falco-Punch
    Cons: Looks more like a Pheasant than a Falcon. . .
    Pros: Take a look, its in a book, Reading Rainbow!
    Cons: Nice sword, Breaks often. . .
    Pros: Gotta Go Fast!
    Cons: Too Fast. . .
    Pros: Green Mario!
    Cons: Weegee. . .
    3. Olimar
    Pros: Good at making Salad
    Cons: Pocket Sized. . .
    2. Dr.Mario
    Pros: Passed Health School
    Cons: Solves things with throwing pills
    1.Bowser Jr.
    Pros: Has all the newest and coolest toys
    Cons: Mini Bowser
    What you read was a joke, don't take it too seriously. These are actually good characters to play as, (Except for Olimar, I was just making a joke with him. lol)
    Remember don't take this too seriously (I know you guys will anyway. . .)