My thoughts on everyone's favourite Vaporware.... Half Life 3

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  1. (Vaporware: A game that was at a point announced, but is considered dead due to lack of info coming out about it.)

    Ah Half Life 2: Episode 3/Half Life 3, a game the internet is chasing its tail about, debating if it will ever come out, or if Valve decided to go douche mode and leave us on a giant cliff hanger. I myself say, yes, it is being worked on. Why do I say this? Here are some reasons.

    1. Half Life 2: Episode 3 WAS announced in 2007. I and many others think the reason its not out yet, is because Valve decided to scrap it, and go full force into the third game, which would allow them to do more.)

    2. Valve's refusal to ever talk about the subject: This could mean two things, either the project went horribly wrong, and they don't want to ever again bring it up, or they just want to keep people speculating until it comes out. They neither deny it being worked on, nor do they say it is being worked on.

    3. A project mailing list: Earlier this year, a project mailing list was leaked onto the internet, with projects such as Source Engine 2, Left 4 Dead 3, and, Half Life 3. The names of all the staff on it check out, along with time stamps, and is consider to be legit.

    4. Why wouldn't they: People want this game just like they want air. Valve should see no problem this game making money and making people happy.

    Those are the reasons I think Half Life 2: Episode 3/Half Life 3 is being worked on. Thanks for reading. :)
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  5. Don't forget the trailer they had in Portal 2!