My Thanksgiving Break Plans

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by InfamousCory, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. Play Black Ops 3, Empire Minecraft, and Netflix & Cuddles with bae.

    What's yours?
  2. Emc, Emc, Emc, uuh. Am I addicted? :oops:
  3. I'm gonna play EMC, yeah. :p
  4. I'll be getting BO3 on Black Friday, Best Buy has a nice deal.

    So yeah... mainly BO3 and EMC.
  5. I have no plans...
  6. I have no break
  7. Hopefully get my rupees back from a scammer =P
  8. I will be buying candles

    Playing EMC
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  9. I am buying EMC too though! I bet your not offering 74 million
  10. Didn't mean buying EMC :p, Fixed the Issue.
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  11. Same, down 300k right now.
  12. I laughed very hard at this for complex reasons
    You getting scammed isn't funny
  13. Absolutely nothing.
  14. Don't have a break but will ofcourse play EMC!