My thanks to EMC!

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by asasin318, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. This is a Sign that me and Twitch1 made on my server to give EMC some Credit for what my server has become. No i am not advertising my server, i am simply showing what respect i have for EMC.
    though if you want any details you may pm me.

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  2. Twitch showed this off too. Nice work.
  3. Th
    Thank you very much
  4. yup justin guy or someone banned me for "advratising other servers" when i didnt give a sould the ip................ i have sent probobly over 30 people to the empire and now this? really so what if i get one person back...... hell i will let icc or justin login to my account and see every pm i have sent.

    oh yeah and nice try on banning my ip from the website i know how to use a proxy lol.

    i honestly dont understand why i am banned
  5. and you can try banning this ip but again im using a proxy. there very easy to change. :)
  6. You were banned for showing off your love for EMC?

    Harsh. Very harsh.
  7. You should try to do a ban appeal in a PM with the one who banned you. He will maybe unban you.
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  8. i dont know who banned me :( it just says why
  9. i know im quite angry about this i take about 2 hours away from my family to do this and i get rejected? REALLY EMC
  10. and justin or icc please unban my ip its annoying setting up a proxy just lemme get on regularly
  11. Sorry about what happened, but this isn't the proper way to appeal. PM a moderator.
  12. asasin im going to start a convo with you so ill give you somemore info there
  13. You were banned for advertising other servers, and telling people to PM you for details in this post doesn't help your case.... This is not the proper way to appeal.

    Aikar is the mod that banned you, you'll need to start a conversation with him.

    In addition, we generally don't IP ban anyone, so all the proxy stuff you're talking about doesn't matter. In addition, it's fairly easy to disable an account from accessing the forums - we just generally don't forum ban people unless they prove to be a problem.

    Locking thread.
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