My TEXP OMG help meh!

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  1. Like omahgawd my texp disappeared! Like wat happened to it like totally...
  2. it gets renewed or reset each month?
  3. My life worth texp is gone...
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  4. hmm, i dunno. i'd ask a mod... not here. haha. they could help more.
  5. Bad cop: Tell me what happened to Terry Earl Xavier Paul! *slaps suspect*
    Good cop: Just tell us where he is and we can assure you protection!
  6. thecontroller: Here
    "Only players who have played on an EMC server in the last 30 days are included. Data is delayed up to 10 minutes."
    That's the gray text at the bottom of the lifetime TEXP leaderboards.
  7. Hey controller, you TEXP got reseted because after 30days after being inactive PLAYER data will get reseted. Your residence, and "member" arent involved. Only TEXP and some other things that I can't remember =P
  8. Derelict Players - 30 Days

    Any player who does not sign-in to any Empire Minecraft server for a period of 30 days, will have their basic Minecraft player data removed. This means whatever your character is carrying, your current world and position in it, will all be lost. Your other Empire Minecraft player data, such as rupees balance, if you have completed the tutorial, your vault, will NOT be reset.

    This involves TEXP. :)
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  9. 'fraid thats true.
  10. Wait.... so his res is ok... but he lost all his items and TEXP? I feel sad for you man.
  11. Only the stuff in inventory
  12. It's not like it really counts for anything.
  13. What did you have in your inventory thecontroller?
  14. Wait... inventory got wiped... my dragon enchanted kit... noooooooooĊ“ooooooooooooooo why would you do this to a supporter! I want reimbursement!
  15. gluing myself to computer...
  16. ?
  17. so i never louse my stuff
  18. that makes no sense...
    that would be pointless if... somebody happened to....
    CUT YOUR INTERWEB! hahahahahahaha! what will you do now that you cannot re-connect? your inventory shall be nobodies!
  19. Lol kells18's internet got cut off I hope she gets it back in 15 days or bye bye res's