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  1. When I was in kindergarten I fell in the playground, i scratched my palms, above my lip, and my knees. That winter it started finally healing. A snowflake touched the scratch on my palm and i felt a sudden burst of cold. I didnt understand it, it was just a snow flake after all. The following summer, i was cool. I didnt get warm. The following winter, i wasnt cold, i was warm. Yet, i didnt understand this. I dont know if it was just body changes, or if the snowflake did something. I know snowflakes are only water, but, is there other ones?
  2. The story doesn't make a lot of sense.
  3. erm. beilive what u like. ik it dont make scence.
  4. Can you retype it with a little more detail?
  5. What is your story? I can't read it.