My Store/Home Palace in SMP2!

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  1. I am using my account Metal_Creeper to build this, so if you see me on, say HI!

    Now, I am building this palace so that the front half will be the store, which I plan to call the
    "Mason Haven". As you can tell by the name, it will focus on stone mainly, but will also give obsidian, lava, and water. Possibly pickaxes also, but I am not sure. In the four towers will be the employees area to sell anything they want and store supply's. Yes, I will have employs once I am done building the palace. More info on becoming an employee will be put up on my store post once I am done construction!

    Now, here are some pictures of my progress!

    In the beginning, which was yesterday.!oZZ3QQcurrentZZ
    The second stage, which I took ten minutes ago.!oZZ1QQcurrentZZ
    The inside of the workshop.!oZZ2QQcurrentZZ

    Please tell me what you think, and if anyone could donate coal or charcoal would be very much appreciated!
  2. What is the max size of an image?
  3. Aww images don't work :)

    You can upload photos directly to the forum.
  4. This is what happens when I try to upload any of the screenshots.

    The following error occurred

    2011-11-20_20.59.05.png - The uploaded file is too large.
  5. Oh I see they must be huge, how big are they? (right click and select properties if Windows)
  6. cool texture pack on the inside workshop pic :D