My Special Money-Making Ways

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  1. Ok, I know there is a guide like this, and it's common knowledge for everyone but just hear me on this.

    1. The most common way to earn money is to make a shop and there are several things you need to do.
    You need to keep it well stocked
    You need to know supply and demand
    You need to have fair (not cheap but fair) prices.

    Those 3 things are key to running a good shop. Try it. Keep in mind that you won't get a steady supply of income if all your things are so cheap that they run out of stock in 20 mins.

    2. My second way of making money is supplying the big shops.
    I always go to deserts or jungles for a few reasons.
    Deserts have lots of sand so getting a double chest or 2 isn't hard
    Jungles have TONS of jungle logs that most people are too lazy to get
    Deserts may have 1 - 3 block deep lakes and under them are mineshafts (most of the time)

    Getting lots of sand and logs and minerals will let you sell them for possibly 5-10k a run.

    Too lazy to go to the wild? Find a public stone gen or sheep farm and shear, mine, and build yourself an economy and get your first 100k
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  2. Also you can never go wrong with tree farming, I've made over 30k from mine in a short amount time just selling to the big shops.
  3. These are good idea. Also do not try making a mega shop on your res as the first thing you do. I mad ethat mistake and the highest amount of rupees I have ever had is 2,985r.
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