My Smp5 Hotel (In Progress)

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  1. Hello I have been working on a project in smp5 at lot 11112, this hotel is no where NEAR as good as any of those amazing ones on Smp2 And Smp1, but i felt like making one. This is what i have done so far. (With some help from Squizzel_Boy)



    A VIP Room.
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  2. :)

    But hotels are not good for business
  3. I'm just making it for Fun really, i'm not too bothered about how much money it brings.

    Ty :D
  4. Some help xD more like the hole thing. put some pictures of it before I helped xP
  5. -.-
    You did the counter.
    Thats about it.
  6. Oh yeah and the mini tree in the entrance..
  7. and the stairs and the trap and the diamond ore and the chest and the half blocks for the chests
  8. you will find it xD