My Slot Machine

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Shall The Slot Machine Survive?

Yes 4 vote(s) 80.0%
No 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Basic red stone materials on EMC cost a lot these days if you don't own a mega mall. I want to build a slot machine on SMP1 (that gives away prizes) but I cannot afford the materials for it. If anyone can donate ANY red stone materials to me, I'd be so happy. Thank you.
  2. There are more ways than buying your materials... I know, it may sound strange, but have you ever heard of the wastelands? Where you can mine and collect your stuff? That may seem a lot easier... :p
  3. I was going to say, redstone doesn't seem to be that hard to accumulate. You can use a lot of iron sometimes, but other than that most materials you need are commonplace, with the exception of quartz.
  4. Assuming your slot machine isn't 'huge'. Voting for 1-2 days should give you all the cash required to build it. :)

    Also, I would recommend not 'giving' things away. But rather accepting a small cost. That way it is not a burden on you to maintain, and people are happy to pay small amounts for the fun of it.

    Megamall owners have lots of product because they have lots of money, not lots of money because they have lots of product. :p A common misconception. If you have lots of money, might as well do something with it... build a huge mall.
  5. A slot machine is very simple. Just one dropper and one button. dropper is crafted like this-
    C C C
    C E C
    C R C

    C=Cobblestone, E=Empty, R=Redstone
    The button is with a wood plank in the table.