My Sky High Home!

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  1. So I'm going to start a personal project a home for myself technically. I never though redstone would be turned into blocks and a much smoother cream color block would be introduced but now that it is I want to start building my lovely home. Here I'll show you a rough draft of how its basic Look will be but I'll update this as I build it ^_^

    My New Build.png

    For this to be accomplished I'll need 7 Materials which are:

    1. Redstone
    2. Glass
    3. Black Wool
    4. Nether Brick
    5. Quarts(Not the Ore)
    6. Redstone Lamps
    7. Glowstone

    I do not have an amount of how much of each I need except for the glow stone of which maybe half a Single Chest would Suffice. PM me if you have any of it for sell.

    List Of Donators:

    AmusedStew: 33 Stacks of Netherrack
    Azheriel: 34 Stacks of Netherrack
    Jacob5089: 7 Blocks of Redstone and 17 Quartz
    Windylava: 10 Stacks of Nether Brick
  2. Progress of The Project:

    Picture 1.png
  3. How much quartz will you need? I can get to mining it if you need it now.
  4. Also don't forget that you can smelt netherrack to make "Nether Bricks" which can the be crafted into Nether Brick. And there is tons of netherrack out there, and not so much nether brick. =) I have some netherrack i can donate to you if you would like.
  5. wait, you smelt netherakk for that?!
  6. I was actually hoping people with Too much Nertherrack would Donate it to me rather than the people with Too much "Nether Brick" unless the price was lowered Drastically considering what you said which I knew about ^_^ which is why I'm building with it, otherwise I wouldn't dare xD

    Like the Post above says. I really do not know, I just know I need it ^_^ I'll update when I know its enough. this is going to be a "Skyscraper" so I can't really tell.
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  8. 3583 on smp2 sells all those materials and is currently in stock of all them, but quartz.
  9. Well if I were you, I would wait for wastelands to buy quartz.
  10. I have 34 stacks of Netherrack at 10132 on smp5 in a [ACCESS] chest. Just walk into the house, you can't miss it. =)
  11. ANd what server is this on?
  12. Little bit more than a single chest of netherrack for you at 5136 utopia [its the chest that is in the air kinda.]
  13. This is on SMP2

    I'll be there when I get home ^_^ Thanks :)
  14. Ok, ill leave it there until you pick it up. :)
  15. thanks, I can't guarantee ill donate but I might donate a little money. (because I don't have the resources)
  16. That would be Much Appreciated ^_^
  17. Thanks to both of you for the Netherrack ^_^
  18. Bumpity for Interest ^_^
  19. I have quartz ore in stock smp1 /v 732 right infront of the beginning of res.
    Mine the ore with fortune3 to make a ton of quartz and spare xp :p