My Shops!! Smp2, and Smp4!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to make a different thread.. So, I have 3 shops! And, I want to share them with you! So, down below is the information about my shops, and the items! (Prices told too.)

    Shops I have:
    • The 4390 Shop (Well-Known Shop)
    • HelloKittyRo's Little Shop Of Things (Known)
    • Club Kitties' Shop (Not Known)
    Shop Items and Prices:

    HelloKittyRo's Little Shop of Things:
    Location: Smp4, /v 8824@shop!

    Areas in the Shop:
    Kewl Gems
    Anything Wood!
    EMC Promos!
    Rare, Special Items!
    Mining Tools + Weapons!

    Kewl Gems:
    Emeralds (64) - Price: 1000r
    Diamonds (64) - Price: 230r
    Iron Ingot (64) - Price: 130r
    Gold Ingot (64) - Price: 115r
    Redstone Dust (64) - Price: 250r
    Coal (64) - Price: 50r

    Anything Wood:
    Oak Plank (64) - Price: 50r
    Signs (16) - Price: 10r
    Oak Door (1) - Price: 5r
    Chest (3) - Price: 5r
    Oak Wood (Not Chopped, or Crafted) (64) - Price: 50r
    Workbench (1) - Price: 3r

    Sheep Egg (1) - Price: 100r
    Pig Egg (1) - Price: 1oor
    Cow Egg (1) - Price: 1oor
    Chicken Egg (1) - Price: 1oor
    Wolf Egg (1) - Price: 1oor
    Ocelot Egg (1) - Price: 1oor

    Full Diamond (1 set) - Price: 1000r
    Full Iron (1 set) - Price: 550r
    Full Gold (1 set) - Price: 1oor
    Full Chain (1 set) - Price: 4oor
    Full Leather (1 set) - 101r
    Full Diamond Enchanted, Enchants Random, Though. (1 set) - Price: 2,000r

    EMC Promos:
    Independence Day Firework (1) - Price: 200000r
    Meteor Bow (1) - Price: 100000r

    NOTICE: These are the only promos in now, we'll edit the thread when we get more. (More current ones coming out.)

    HelloKittyRo's Signature (1) - Price: 20000r
    New Player Guide (1) - Price: 1000r

    NOTICE: These are the only books in now, we'll edit the thread when we get more. (More current ones coming out.)

    Rare, Special Items:
    Cupid's Arrow (1) - Price: 3000r
    Shiny Flesh (1) - Price: 50r

    NOTICE: These are the only Rare things in now, we'll edit the thread when we get more. (More current ones coming out.)

    Mining Tools + Weapons:
    Diamond Sword (1) - Price: 1oor
    Iron Sword (1) - Price: 95r
    Gold Sword (1) - Price: 50r
    Diamond Pickaxe (1) Price: 150r
    Diamond Axe (1) - Price: 155r
    Diamond Spade (1) - Price: 95r

    Cooked Beef (64) - Price: 1oor
    Cooked Pork (64) - Price: 100r
    Cooked Chicken (64) - Price: 100r
    Cooked Fish (64) - Price: 100r
    Apple (64) - Price: 50r
    Golden Apple:1 - Price: 10000r

    Club Kitties' Sale:
    Location: Smp4, /v HelloKittyRo. Go to the Club Kitties' TP, and then go to the TP that says "Clun Kitties' Sale".

    New items being added, will edit thread when shop is made.

    The 4390 Mega Mall:
    Location: Smp2, /v +4390MM.

    Decoration Blocks!
    Food and Transportation!
    Blocks! (Building)

    NOTICE: Only area built yet is the Food Section. The rest will come out when they rest is built. Sorry.

    Food Section:
    Boat (1) - Price: 5r
    Mine-cart (1) - Price: 1or
    Saddle (1) - Price: 3r
    Carrot Stick (1) - Price: 20r
    Powered Mine-cart (1) - Price: 100r
    Storage Mine-cart (1) - Price: 100r
    Rails (64) - Price: 50r
    Powered Rail (64) - Price: 55r
    Detector Rail (64) - Price: 50r
    Cooked Beef (64) - Price: 50r
    Cooked Chicken (64) - Price: 50r
    Cooked Pork (64) - Price: 50r
    Cooked Fish (64) - Price: 55r
    Baked Potato (64) - Price: 40r
    Raw Beef (64) - Price: 30r
    Raw Chicken (64) - Price: 30r
    Pork (64) - Price: 30r
    Raw Fish (64) - Price: 30r
    Potato (64) - Price: 30r
    Carrot (64) - Price: 47r
    Apple (64) - Price: 10r
    Cookie (64) - Price: 25r
    Cake (64) - Price: 57r
    Melon (64) - Price: 35r
    Pumpkin Pie (64) - Price: 75r
    Mushroom Soup (64) - Price: 35r
    Breas (64) - Price: 25r
    Golden Apple (64) - Price: 100r
    Golden Apple:1 (64) - Price: 1648r

    So, if you need help or ever need to buy something from cheap stores, come to me! smp2 or smp4! But, nothing is in stock yet. So, you'll have to wait a while. Good day, y'all! :3

    Also, I wanted to post this to help those in need of items! :)


    (This took me 2 hours to make :))
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  3. inb4 out of stock
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  4. Are these typos? Just curious because these are about 10x more then what they go for :p
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  5. ?
    Yes! Prices are over priced. Wilk be fixed.
  6. WAY too overpriced if you ask me..
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  7. I need to edit things.
  8. darn right you do
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  10. I saw that you are selling a stack of diamonds for 230r? A stack of diamonds usually goes for waaaay more than 230r, so you will be out of stock very quickly if you can manage to stock faster than people buy. I would suggest raising the price a bit on those. ;)
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  11. I want everyone to be able to buy it. Good suggestion, though.
  12. Indeed it seems nothing is in stock, so... you should post here when you actually open the stores so we can shop there :)
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  13. soon.