My shopping list: Paying with supporter or rupees

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  1. I need:

    2 stacks of diamonds
    1 stack of iron blocks
    50 stacks of smoothstone
    50 stacks of log
    20 stacks of redstone

    (black/grey/lightgrey wool / inc sacs - offer?)

    If you got these items, then name your price. Doesn't have to be the exact amount.

    I will buy from the cheapest offerer.
  2. Lots of stuff, man.
  3. iI would ask dojodo and joshposh70. they mine a lot and hav a ton :) PM 'em! (and say thetrufflehunter sent u ;))
  4. Well, no clue on what servers they play.
  5. on the forums....
  6. how can you give supporter i would love to trade that for 1 month diamond supporter
  7. I'd pay justinguy the money and he transfers it.

    But diamond is a bit too much for these items.
  8. I can sell you the following items :

    2 stacks of diamonds - 49Rupees / diamond
    1 stack of iron blocks - 54Rupees / iron block
    50 stacks of smoothstone - 50 Rupees / stack
    20 stacks of redstone - 44 Rupees / stack

    All at my residence at 6046 Smp3. Will make a special room for you to buy the items. ;)
  9. What do you need in return.
  10. i have a chest laid out for you with a total on it for 1+ 1/2 stack of diamond, 13 stacks of logs, 5 stacks of iron,
    total is on sign next to it
    res: 3002