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  1. Well 08acharl, cvbn490 and I have had our little shop running on smp6 for a while now and have recently expanded to smp9 and completely redesigned our shop so that it can be buy and sell!

    Come check them out here:
    smp6 - 12006
    smp9 - 18882
    smp1 - coming soon...

    So let me know what you think, I have tried to price things reasonably for buyers and sellers and most my shops are fully stocked. :)

    Yay, first post in the Businesses & Services section in the forums :D
  2. Uh.. i'm gonna reply about your signiture...

    Awesome idea xD !

    P.S: Links are stuffed on the website (The buttons that direct to 'home', 'Make your Own', Donate', ETC
  3. Very off-topic
  4. Yeah but it bumps my thread :p :D
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  5. SMP1 now in - It's my shop - 407 [NOT DONE] but donations are deeply accepted cause I got a lot of stock to do.