My shop is "broken"

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  1. I noticed none of my signs are linked to my chests anymore and when i try to put up a new shop chest it says another player shop is found so help pls im losing money!!!!
  2. Is the sign to the left or to the right of the chest? As if its on the left try to put it on the right, and if its on the right try to put it on the left.
  3. I don't know what can this be but for now you should get off -move perms from your res so you dont keep loosing money till you find the problem (/res set move false)
  4. I think hes losing money because he can't sell. Not that the price is wrong. Because he says that the sign isn't linked at all.
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  5. if it says this shop has already been created or whatever this means that there is another sign on the same block just exactly opposite ..if that makes since.. this happened to me but i destroyed the sign on the other side exactly opposite of were the sign i was placing and it worked :) hope this helps
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  6. This happens to me. You have to make a dif chest and put it sumwhere else.
  7. Thats tha problem thanks!
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  8. that makes sense
  9. Glad i could help:)