MY semi-auto wheat farm

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  1. Its is getting bigger and bigger. My wild wheat farm right now is 12x26 almost 18x 26 :D yields 3 1/2 stacks of wheat and alot of seeds. soon to be 5 stacks of wheat
  2. Cool, can i know the texture pack you are using?
  3. Me to... Because its cool :p
  4. Must be Sphax PureBDcraft.
  5. Yeah it is cool, lol
  6. Off topic: Sphax is good but you can't see the writing :( any suggestions on how you do?

    On topic: nice I had one of those that was automatic 16 wide and the whole res down, produced around 8 stacks per harvest
  7. What? Yes this is Sphax but i can see write perfectly
  8. Get Optifine, you can turn text from the texture pack.
  9. How do I get optifine? Do I just download it?
  10. It's a mod for Minecraft that increases FPS and allows you to customize every last detail when running your game for optimal performance. Here's a link:

    It also automatically does what the HD Texture pack fixer does, so you don't have to mess with it. ;) Installation is also very easy, and you can choose which type of Optifine you'd like to use as well, depending on your computer.
  11. I can't install mods -.-
  12. Why not? Do you own a Mac or something?