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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Runningrhino, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys! I'm doing something kinda like kevdudeman but this time I'm going for 999,999 rupees. I will be selling a lot of stuff I hope! Like kev I will be NOT be accepting donations. My goal is to get to 999,999 exactly without having to pay afterwards to make it. Thank you so much! I also want to complete this by my birthday, April 4. The reason I'm doing this is because I was born in 1999 which inspires me to make it 999,999! Thank you all!
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  2. It's not really a personal challenge if you accept donations.

    "I want to run a marathon. You guys can run portions of it for me though"

    It wouldn't be as satisfying if you received donations, not to mention it's basically saying "Hey, donate so I can just have more money."

    My personal thoughts on it.
  3. What he said.

    The "Accepting Donations" Part seems like you're just looking for a way to get people to give you money.
  4. On did I forget to mention? Only 10,000r donations are accepted. I had to change it so people get access to the donaters room
  5. Also at the end I will host a 99,999 giveaway which I will do for a few weeks
  6. Why exactly are you accepting donations? It's like asking for donations because you want to go punch some skeletons while they fish. Also, are you earning 999,999 or are you just reaching 999,999? I think the entire basis of my challenge was to earn it, which is why I turned down donations of about 100k. I wish you completion in this challenge, and since you are doing three things to make this easier...
    • Doubling the Time
    • Keeping your Rupees
    • Accepting Donations
    I'm sure you will succeed if you put the effort into it.
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  7. Well mostly everyones goal is 999,999. Not a big thing to talk about on fourms.

    Good luck tho, what you at now? Im pretty close to 1mil :)
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  8. I'm at about 99k right now. And kev I am not encouraging donations. Just if you want to fine. Also I am giving it away in 99 k giveaways if or when I reach my goal
  9. Alright I edited the post and now NO donations allowed because that is probly the right thing to do
  10. Hmmm... Should I try to get 999,998r...
  11. That would just be cheating, lol, you're right
  12. You know what.... I'm not going to make this public. So ya... Ill get this when I want to lol
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