My return to activity!

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  1. Guess who it is? Momentias!

    After days of being inactive and never used, my owner finally wants to use me again! Here's the story:

    There was once a person walking the land by the name of something secret. This person used me regularly and made me successful. But one day he sold me off to another kind soul. This soul is not secret and is no other than 'captaincraft300'. Captain rarely used me and just wanted my res's really. But I stood up to her when she forgot her email for this account. So she went through so much trouble to get me back online. And I finally returned to jump around with some new friends at the opening of 18200.
    I am now a proud active member of Empire Minecaft who will try to get on every day. And what's that? It's close to my year? Great. Time to prepare an event!
    I am excited to see what you all think of my golden shining name when I come online on smp9 (loving dat rhyme).

    That's it, I'm back!!

    Hello everyone
  2. Welcome back, my fellow briton! :D
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  3. Welcome Back :) We haven't talked in a while
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  4. Welcome back, Momentias! :) It's been a while since I've seen you.
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  5. Welcome Back!
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