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Rate my res

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10 3 vote(s) 15.0%
  1. I have a suggestion make a pokemon inside the pokeball! I will give it 10/10 if it there is one inside! Till then 9/10
  2. not good because thats not a poke ball thats more of a poke hexagon
  3. lol 13+ dont go to sunday school !
  4. meh ran outa ideas. and brando that was my first big building THAT I WORKED ON
    but anyways. thnx for the positibe feedback and the incouragement
  5. Awesome, I always like to see people posting more in community creations, and you went all out with a video! I like your pixel art, I don't know how you guys do that, my head hurts trying to make that stuff lol.
  6. JustinGuy's only weakness: Pixel Art
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  7. lol
  8. and yet he can still stare at coding for hours and his head won't hurt...
  9. I don't really like it sorry. The only thing I enjoyed was the church but it wasn't that good
  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone. and justinguy i dont like pictures because its only from one angle, therefore i do videos. but anyways as long as people still buy from my shop and the wilderness keeps giving me them diamonds and gold ill keep up with the pixels art and everything. and you might think i dont like negative feedback but it only inspires me for more. so just for replying it inspires me to go even BIGGER!