My residence was greifed.

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  1. Is there any way to rollback just my residence? I know it was Morgan1401. He also Cheated me out of 250rupees, I bought his services but yet he griefed my plot and didn't finish the statue I paid for.

    Please Help.
  2. Even though this sucks, its kind of your fault, since you gave him perms.
  3. We dont use a roll back feature here in EMC sorry, It is processing intensive as it has to constantly keep track of all blocks all the time. That is why the permission system was introduced to allow players to govern the access to their lot themselves. If you have some screenshots of the incident in question we can certainly take a look, if you wish to discuss this furthur you can start a private convo with a staff member here.
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  4. @MrLegitislegit I did give him permissions, but only because he was (suppose to) build me a statue.

    @shaunwhite1982 Oh ok that makes sense. I actually lost internet before it happened and couldn't rejoin. So I dont't have any screenshots.
  5. Just a little safety advice for the future, even though it cant help you out this time, but doing "/res default" every time before you log off, ensures your complete protection from griefers and theives and everyone else. The [access] signs still work, so people with the permission to use doors and items is still have ability to use them, but build and other permissions will have to wait until you come back online to reassign perms.
    I'll have a word with Justin, there may be a way for him to set up the website so players can assign permissions through it, instead of having to be in-game to do it. I don't make promises though, he is an extremely talented, but exceptionally busy man. :)
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  6. Alright thank you. I have heard that JustinGuy is always busy, but man this server is great because of it.
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