My Residence - Very Large Farm

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  1. Hey guys!

    So as some of you know, my residence on SMP 4 is currently having a couple layers of dirt placed above it.

    Well... If you don't include the bottom (Level to the sidewalk) or the Top, there are 36 layers of 60x60 dirt placed with 4 blocks in between each lair. Now only 15ish are done, but more and more are being completed pretty quickly at this point.

    So 36 60x60 layers. Each layer is 3600 blocks of dirt, so it's a whopping 129,600 blocks of dirt to build this!

    I originally had planned to make it a massive sugar cane farm. Harvesting it would result in a ton of emeralds (Thousands) per trade with villagers, but uh... That won't work anymore. So what to do?

    I've come up with several ideas, and would like some input or even more ideas you could come up with!

    Idea 1:
    I could just do a large sugar cane farm anyways. Sell the sugar cane in daily auctions and get a little over 2k per layer. This would be very difficult, because I'd need thousands of double chests. I'd be harvesting more than I sold!

    Idea 2:
    I could create several levels for every type of farm there is (Excluding tree). I would then be in stock of one of the largest food stores I would assume.

    Idea 3:
    I could rent out layers to players and they could use it to farm as they wish. It would be difficult though. Anyone could harvest other people's layers and it could be very chaotic. This would require an honor system. I cannot prove WHO destroyed or stole items from who. For this you would need a squeaky clean background and a lot of playing time here.

    Idea 4:


    So any input would be really appreciated!

    Items to farm that I know of:

    I'm probably missing some other ones.
  2. Sounds really cool, and please, don't make a big melon farm, you'll get TONS of melons because each melon drops about 7 melons.
  3. I would never do a huge melon farm haha. Unless I automated it. Takes too long to harvest otherwise :D

    Oh also, my residence is 8473 in SMP 4, and dirt donations would be greatly appreciated! (Mostly donations are either one full row - 9 stacks - and can go up to a full inventory. There's a small hole by where you will spawn. Below are all the chests.
  4. When you make auto-harvest farms, you get a lot of that crop.
  5. I know. If I had a giant automatic one I wouldn't do it whenever I was able to. I'd do it every now and then, but most likely not even once a day.
  6. If you want Id be more then happy to buy a few layers off you. If of course you are selling ot. It has been a long time since this was posted xD
  7. It's not completely done, but several layers are ready. They just need to be lit up/water would need to be added
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  8. Wel I can do that If i purchase them now. go on now
  9. How do you harvest? If its automated, just put a sign above the lever/button saying access to whoever bought it, but I doubt you forgot about that.
  10. Can you still trade with villagers with paper to get emeralds??? As before cause I think there's a bug or something in the villager trading section
  11. You can, but not in quantity. You can do a couple trades but then they don't allow it for a while :(
  12. Damn lol so u have to keep on respawning them