My Residence on SMP6 (Updates ETC)

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  1. It is about time I make a thread for this residence.

    Well this is talking about my residence I reset like 20 minutes ago, Will have the mall rebuilt (for all you disappointed new players).

    I making this res less messy. Making it more modern I'm gonna go ahead and have the res rebuilt. (If you wanna help PM me in game or in the forums!)

    Current Pictures



    Well, That is all for now. I hope you wish to help me in the creation of my residence. It will have to put me temporarily on "strike" from The EMC Bulk Supplying co.

    Hope ya want to help.

    The BB code got me again. Hope you are able to read it
  3. Looks cool :)
  4. theres more... come check it out :p
  5. Having trouble seeing it right now . But I'll see soon enough (Hopefully).
  6. Lol "Mr.Senior Staff" XD - nice job cole! Looks great so far
  7. Thanks! i'M not much of a good builder so that means a lot!
  8. So now, I made some progress...
  9. Cool, I look forward to seeing the end result! :)
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