My Residence is glitching!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Camulus, Jun 26, 2013.


Is your residence glitching like this?

Yes 2 vote(s) 66.7%
Nope 1 vote(s) 33.3%
Idk 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. Hi, I am a frenquent EMC smp9 user, however my residence often glitches! I mean this by items, animals and fire dissapear! I had nearly a stack of iron ingots, and when I opened my chest they were all gone! I also had diamonds, wheat, and building blocks that dissapear! :( Few people have perms on my res, and I trust them all. I have also banned everyone from my res for a while and still thing dissapeared. Also, whenever I have animals they dissapear after a while too!!! :( :( :( Sometimes blocks go bye bye as well my fire place is fire-less. Please help me! WHAT'S GOING ON???
  2. There is an item limit active on every residence to prevent lag. This also counts for animals. If too many items are on the ground, items will indeed disappear. Hope this helps.
  3. Animals are known for escaping here and many people have already made stuff about it. Try putting the animals in pens that contain water forcing them to stay in one place. The water should be on all sides. Someone suggested this on another thread ti keep them from glitching through blocks. This should help if you don't have animals above the limit. I don't really know what is going on with the items.
  4. The joys of lag and rollback. :)