My Residence is available to be griefed! (SMP7)

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  1. Hey everyone. You read the title right (or not), Res is available to be griefed! Res: 14275
    (Took everthing i could to put into empire vault)

    AND i'm not leaving EMC, i'm moving to a other SMP, leaving SMP7 my wild homeserver, becase i mostly live at the wild on that server. SMP8 and SMP9, don't feel like i want to move to these servers.

    I unclaim my res earlier s Plenty time to turn my res into dust!
    EDIT: Res looked pretty much ruins now and looked pointless to continue grefing, so i unclaimed erarlier.
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  2. come to smp5 then
  3. That is what I said xD
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  4. Result of burning my hotel:
  5. Come to SMP6!!

  6. I burned some woods, leaving pointless to contiuning griefing and i unclaimed earlier.
    Don't mind my avatar, ok?
  7. Assassin Creed V: Sercet Santa
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  8. Ahaha lol, or assassin's creed IV, let there be Santa... :p
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