My Res

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  1. I've been playing for quite some time now and I've managed to pull my entire residence off with a 5000r budget. (I'm that poor) Anyways, I want to show everyone my residence currently. The theme is nether with pirate lingo. If you'd like to check my res out, it's on smp8, /v 17025

    Here are some screenshots of my res. Keep in mind with the 5000r budget this took a long time and most of the resources were mined.

    The spawn room

    Main ground

    View of glass lava tube

    And a picture of my small store.

    Look back up on the main floor picture. You can see I am replacing the ground with nether brick and blocks of quartz. The original pattern was just netherrack and I finally got bored of it. So yeah! This is my res.