[My Res] Rate what I just made!

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  1. Hello out there, I just changed the building on my res, and this is what I made.
    I want you out there to rate it, and tell me how I could improve it, or how to finish it.
    It's not done fully, I still need the inside and to finish the roof (outside)

    And if you wonder what it is here is the answer: I don't know, I just started to build and this is want It ended with. All my buildings are randomly made, I never plan on how to make stuff, I just place some blocks so start with and hours later I get a "epic" thing (Most of the time)

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  2. Are u gonna build anything inside?
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  3. Ofcourse, like I said on the thread its not done. I still need to improve it, and make the inside and finish the outside =P
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  4. Really like the the design but maybe and somethings
  5. But maybe what? And which things =P?
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  6. Much Much Much Much Better than before.

    Meget Meget Meget Meget Bedere end før
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  7. But maybe add sometings. :p sorry
    maybe a roof of netherbrick
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  8. Me no like the colour of netherbrick, but thanks for the idea I might try it out on my singleplayer first. And what about a fountain in the middle? or nature style look inside :eek:?
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  9. I totaly agree with that :D

    Det er jeg enig med :D
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  10. It looks cool.
  11. Thanks, that was what I aimed for :)
  12. I understand, and a foutain souds awesome :D what are some things you like?
  13. Well, ill like to have a fountain inside, or some kind of greenish park, but the park wont fit in with the outside I guess :D Lots of choices
  14. Nice!
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  15. looks awesome!
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  16. Very Nice yes..lol This is right by the town spawn right ?
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  18. No, that res by town spawn is my little brothers. This is on my own res :D
  19. That is actually a nice idea, but I can't use the walls because they will get uneven and that will make it harder and annoying for me (ocd)
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  20. I've done my job. now your job is to make it work :)
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