My res keeps disappearing!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 3vangelica, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Every time I log-in parts of my res have disappeared. First of all it was just a few blocks but now its getting to be quite a lot. It's always the same parts of my res, but its starting to cost me quite a bit to repair every time i log-in.
    Does anyone have any idea what might be causing it and/or what can be done to stop it?

    Incidentally, I have never given anyone any build or access rights on my res so it shouldn't be griefers.
  2. glitches :/
  3. I'd PM an Admin or Sr. Staff about this. If it really is a glitch, maybe it's affecting more players who aren't saying anything? If parts of residences are randomly resetting, I'm sure Justin would like to know :D
  4. If that only happens in 1spot my best guess will be block lagg. Try destroying blocks instead of placing them. If the destroyet blocks comes again then its 100% block lagg. :p
  5. Is it EVERY time you log in, or just sometimes? Do you have any mods installed that might be causing it? Perhaps it's lag, like Xandrow said?
  6. This may sound like an odd suggestion, but maybe leaving it unrepaired for once might be handy, just to see if it is restricted to those particular blocks alone, or if it spreads further.
    Is there a chance it could be caused by things burning up from being close to fire or lava?
    What type are the blocks that are being replaced?

    I wouldn't suspect mod use, as once a block is placed it is the servers job to remember it is there, any sort of client mod will have no affect on it.
  7. I bet this is the case. I was having the same issue. Lava was passing through stone walls to burn several blocks away. Try turning off fire spread and seeing if that helps.
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  8. You're right. It was fire burning wool & wood blocks while I was offline because they were too close to a heat source.
    I didn't realise before that heat can penetrate so far. Have replaced the offending blocks with stone blocks now.
    Thank-you to everyone who replied.
  9. Why, your welcome. :p
  10. You don't have to replace the blocks, you can just do /res set firespread f.
    It will turn firespread off.
  11. Maybe that glitch that almost turned utopia into a jungle biome might be back...