My res is almost complete (18772 - SMP9)

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  1. Greetings,
    I finally have completed most of the work on my res, come check it out on SMP 9 (18772) if you are around... There is a small shop among the enderman battle in the clouds, and lots of other stuff to see :) (update) - 18771 next door is now open for fishing for when 1.7 comes out, there will be a buy/sell shop and fishing competitions where the best catches in a given time limit win prizes...

    Some Pics (a few with shaders when they were still working for me):

    The Beacon Power Core at bedrock:

    Just a standard pic of the res :p

    18771 Fishing Arena Pics:

  2. What a great building, :-D
  3. Thats awesome!!!
  4. Thanks it's more of a random hodge-podge structure though than a building lol
  5. u mite accualy win
  6. I am a proud neighbour :D
  7. what happened to lordproraider he got banned? of course it happened minutes after he opens a competition for unusual and outrageous builds lmao
  8. may i ask why you are mentioning it on this thread?
  9. Really awesome job :D
  10. you don't only have the best username ever but also the best res ever.