My res in Super-HD!

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  1. So this is my res in super hd resolution, type of:
    Install Sonic Ethers Unbelievable Shaders and post your pic!
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  2. broken image?

  3. Right clicked, view image, clicked show codes. pasted first img code.
    Edit: If you click the picture it takes you to a larger image :)
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  4. do you have one of the beautiful links to the external site its stored on? :D
  5. If you ask if i was flying i was standing in a tower of dirt till sneaking so you could see the dirt :p
  6. wow that very pretty :) wish my ye'old laptop could run unbelievable shader now :( my res would look amazing with it.
  7. You just gave me an awesome idea dude.
  8. I just tried to install the shaders. One hour later, it still didn't work. :'( You know what makes it hurt more? It worked fine before.
  9. i aim to please ;)
  10. can you tell me how to install the shaders mod
  11. How could it be possible for you to get pasted the full HD resolution limit on most devices, which is 1,920x1,080 if it is beyond the limit?
  12. I always use a picture uploader for my pics :)