My Res Has Been Griefed! :'(

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  1. I was very careful who I gave my perms to, but when I logged in today my whole wool shop had been griefed and the chests emptied. There was over 6 stacks of different coloured wool in there. Also my giant TNT wool project I have been working on had been half grieved. :(. Pretty much all the glowstone on my res is taken and half my shop floor gone. I'm suprised my chests wernt emptied and whoever did it could have griefed tons more but didn't.

    I have reset my perms now so it can't be continued. And the TNT project is set back a lot.
    I was quite upset by this, but u can rebuild and recreate I hope.
    Thanks for reading.

  2. Did you check who had perms before you reset them?
  3. Sorry to hear about your losses. I am afraid you gave permissions (not prenatal) to the wrong person. I personally don't give anyone permissions to my residence unless i am supervising them at the time.
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  4. Yes, the ones I had were Sk1llz0fapr0, Squizzel_boy, Cantiep45, Cripzz11, sovietsoldierw1l.
    They are the ones I remember. And I trust them all...
    I know its definitely not Sk1llz0fapr0 or squizzel_boy.
  5. Well its a nasty thing to happen. Like Sanitmops said, dont keep perms on unless your there.
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  6. I can give u some wool if u want.
  7. It's fine bro. I was just hoping justinguy could rollback my res to yesterday or something?
  8. He inst on but jeremy is ask him
  9. Unfortunately, we can't do individual lot rollbacks. We have ENTIRE backups set for if something disastrous happens to a server or something like that. Sorry about what happened though. As someone stated, it might be best to give permissions and reset them when you're not there.
  10. Okay. Thanks for the reply.