My res fire D:

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  1. I gave player Fragglesnap build permission on my res, he accidentally cased a fire and my pig was killed in the incident. He said he was sorry and helped re-build it. Because he has build perm he started to fix my giant 'TESCO' sign. Then while i was fixing stairs he laughed evily and disconnected. I disconnected for 5 mins to come back and find my whole shop was on fire!The damage is now being repaired by a trusty friend(jackansel).
    Yours annoyedly, edwardopecenyo

    P.S. FYI , I understand if you cannot do anything, ('Cause i gave him permission)but please do something.
  2. You can turn firespread off and give place or destroy perm not build and they can't kill your animals
  3. Most of the fires started in town are on purpose. I'm sorry this happened to you, and it sucks that it did, but next time:

    -Watch who you give your perms to. Make sure that they are a trusted friend, if not, keep a close eye on them!
    -As stated above, most fires started in town are on purpose. Next time, take one's perms away after the first fire and wait for a bit before giving them back.
    -Turn firespread off.
    -And take screenshots of the griefer in action! You can upload these photos to a picture hosting website and then send the link to an EMC staff member via message. I don't believe they will repair the damage; but there is a variety of ways they can deal with traitorous players such as them!
  4. There is nothing you can do about the situation. Like you said it is on you for giving him permissions. I know how you feel, Imaging running a server and one of your trusted members gives a griefer your IP address when you tell them not to until you put permissions on!