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  1. Some people are saying that the game at plot 846 is rigged. This is, however, not true. Someone who shall go unnamed has completed it. Yankees518, my friend in both minecraft and life, has done it, as he told quite clearly to everyone on the server. "Yankees518, did you do the game" I asked. "Yus" he replied. "when?" someone else to go unnamed asked, and "bout a week ago" came the reply. Word for word, this is what happened. I will lower the price, but not remove the game itself. Also, not only do they say the game is rigged, but they say thet when they "get teleported back while they were on wood". How is it MY fault if it glitches?
  2. I never said it was rigged... I just said in town chat when people were saying it was rigged "If you think it's rigged, send a PM to the staff on the site to report it. Rigged games aren't allowed".

    Naming players in hope of shaming them on the forums isn't allowed.
  3. I wasn't trying to shame them, but i'll edit them out. Yankees518 I will not edit out, because there is next to no way he will be shamed by it.
  4. I was on at that time too. Jack only said, that rigged games aren't allowd! And if the game is rigged, they don't have to spam the town chat with it and that they shall PM a mod, he NEVER said, that your game is rigged!
  5. I agree with Jack when discussing something on the forums of this nature it's best not to include player's names; instead type player 1, player 2 etc. Also it can be considered rude to publicise such things as these so if you have an issue with someone or something they did, you should probably PM them about it instead of "gossiping"...
  6. Well, they hoped to shame me, so I only see it as payback, but Ill edit them out anyway
  7. Payback does nothing except make situations worse.
  8. I just wanted to make sure that my game was not to be removed. If it is it will be at (in my opinion) unreasonable. This, then, I will report therefore nullifying the whole process.
  9. Back on topic
    It is always a good idea to get a mod to check it for free and then they can place a confirmations sign.
    If the odds are low it is a good idea to place signs saying the odds price and rewards.
  10. Mods checking it will lose (no offense) because it is supposed to make you rage. It's even in the title! A handful of people have completed it, got the prize, and a one even gave me part of the prize back to me! He then proceeded to give me half of the materials I used to make the bottom half of the first floor of my shop. I agree that I should state the prize on a sign, but again, mods checking this game will rage (again, no offense) because that is what it is meant to make you do. Then they will proceed to take the side of those who call the game rigged, and I will be forced to remove it. This is, again, unreasonable. I do not see why some call it rigged, as the game was beaten any times by me, just for practice.
  11. There is no member of staff that is unreasonable, I assure you of that. I will not rage over a game-in-a-game, but peoples actions do sometimes upset me - such as your outlook on this situation and comments directed at those of us who put our time and energy into this community, staff or not.
  12. I have looked at the game. It appears to be legitimate, albeit extremely difficult. (I was not able to beat it, even cheating with Ender Pearls - but I am pretty positive that it can be done.)

    I strongly imply that you view and adhere to the regulations. As it stands now, you have none of these in place. Because you charge and award a prize, I consider this gambling.

    As for the odds of winning - perhaps you invite an audience to observe you complete it. If it takes you 160 attempts - your odds are 1 in 160.

    Sadly, it is doubtful that anyone will play your game with those kinds of odds.... but at least no one will complain about it.
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  13. I did it in two. Does that mean I can say that there is a 50% chance to do it?
  14. well you build it, so you know how to beat it. I own also a parkour on my res, which i can do in one try, but others need a lot more ( some don't get it ). So I don't think the chance is 50%
  15. From where I'm standing, it isn't even a lottery or a gambling game, as it doesw not fit EMC's definition. I have, however posted rules, the prize, and the chances of winning (*not 50%*) on signs surrounding the entrance. I thought there was an enderpearl flag. How did you use them?
  16. That would be how it works. But I would prefer you use a player who has never done it before - someone who doesn't know the trick and/or does not have experience doing it. :D

    It is technically a gambling game. As there is chance involved. Despite the fact that the chance is based on a players skill, there is still a chance involved.

    I didn't use pearls.
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  18. But I saw you use them...
  19. There's no way I could enderpearl up to that floating island. You realize that Staff can teleport to investigate issues, right?
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  20. I suppose I can't persuade you?