My psychic abilities.

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  1. It's extremely strange, lately I've found that every time I look at a clock, it says 9:11, and stuff like it.
    I started to write this post, I looked at the time on my phone and no joke it was 9:11.

    It's really fishy and it happens at LEAST every 2 days.

    Thought I'd just share this, cos lol its kinda creepin me out :O
    And also to take people's minds off all of the recent bans ;(
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  2. Lol I'm actually on my 6th life, so I kinda disagree with YOLO
  3. cool what where u before a human
    i was a pig who died in child birth
    the life before i was a fly and i went into someones mouth and they vomited and i then drowned in the vomit
    before that i was an potato plat and then some drug addict guy dropped his lighter on me and i burned
    before that i was hippo that died by a random meteoroid from outer space
    before that i was a non free ranged chicken or died of an heat attack because of stress
    before that i was a jelly fish who got swolled by a shark and i stung his insides of his body which killed him however i could not escape so after eating the insides of him i eventually starved to death
    can't remember the one before that i probably was a dinosaur who got killed by the impact of the asteroid that killed all the other dinos
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  4. weirdest thing... when i read this i looked up at my clock and it said... 9:11... no joke! Creepy!
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  5. I know? And it happens EVERY DAY!!!
  6. ^ Staring at your profile pic...
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  7. Reminds me of......
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  8. PThag? Yea I got his and edited it cos it was a cool skin
  9. lol thats happens to me when I'm trying to guess what time it is. Most of the time I'm only few minutes off lol

  10. Lmao,....ouch my lungs they hurt so much right now. This was my reaction when i was reading that
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  11. Even though I believe there is something after death, even though I don't really worship any god, I cant even get a grasp on what you mean by that.
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  12. When I clicked this I was expecting one of those "I foresaw/foresee this happening and it did/will" things. Not what I have read thus far.
  13. unseen.jpg
  14. sorry guys i think i was high on eating too many potatoes
  15. You were high on something, that's for sure.
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  16. That's a coincidence. Every time I wake up I look at my alarm clock and it says 7:00.