My project 704 MALL!

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Will you donate

Yea 2000 never gets stocked 4 vote(s) 25.0%
No 2000 is fineno stocking needed 12 vote(s) 75.0%
  1. Hello EMC :D

    I am making my Mega mall at res 704. Currently building it . you will see there is currently my haunted house for Krysyy's Contest.

    Please donate whenever you can, I will be updating daily. Anything will do except dirt please.
    Even though I have a mall at 12217 but this will be one other than 2000 because todd_vinton never stocks it.
    Thanks for the support,

    - Cole
    P.S This is still a W.I.P


    Seanawesome14 - 2.5k
  2. Todd never stocks it because Todd has been in pain, also his mall stocks itself.
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  3. Thank you! I need anther mall since 1112 is closed and I boycotted 2000
  4. I would suggest not slating other people's malls and then asking for donations for the mall you are building. Its not like a mall needs donations anyway, its a build for profits...
  5. I wish people would show some positivity.... thanks sean
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  6. I wish people wouldn't directly insult the reliability of another's mall, as well as that person's ability to run it.

    But that's none of my business
  7. You may want to update your donor list...
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  8. w
    nobody donated yet... except sean
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  9. Hey, Ill be HAPPY To help u build the mall!
  10. I wouldn't dis 2,000 because aside from reflecting poorly on you it's one of the most successful models I've seen. The prices are insane, but it works to keep it stocked. It's so successful, that it practically has a monopoly.

    I'm selling numerous items cheaper, regularly stocked, and listed on both /v +shop and /v +mall and yet, I see those same items being bought from Todd. I regularly am having to unload my items to his shop, items which I sell cheaper, in many cases cheaper than he buys them! So that clearly tells you that the segment of the market that wants to pay less is much smaller than the segment of the market that wants to be sure they can find the item. These are not obscure items, but mainstream regular items like diamonds, stone, coal, iron, glass, sandstone, lava buckets, wood.

    So I guess the question remains, how will you keep a mall stocked if he will pay more money for each item? And how will you get a customer base if very few people are interested in cheaper prices?

    Don't get the idea that I'm a supporter of 2,000 because I'd love to see a competitor succeed against them. I'm just saying that you really need to think about strategy and come up with something which will be successful. I would definitely supply you with many items if your prices you can pay are competitive with Todd. Or I could manage some sections for you so you have less items to worry about stocking.
  11. Which res and which server? ill donate
  12. 704 smp1