My platform spawn.

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  1. Ok, so, in the past, i posted about my grand build, a floating platform, and i was asking for ideas. Well, ive done most of the spawn. It is a representation of some of the major elements of Minecraft (Nether, Overworld, The End). I have one spot left to do and i need some advice on what to do with it. I was thing a cave with a giant mountian above it (Cause a cave would represent A huge element in Minecraft [Caving] and might be appropriate) But if anyone has any better idead, im all ears.

    Also, if you could leave a rating outta 10 and any improvements i could do, that would be great :)

    Res: 2174
  2. Im also lookin for a dragon egg to display on the obsidian tower
  3. Wow, that's really cool :p
    What server is it on? Like smp1, smp2, etc...
  4. smp1
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  5. Nice, Epic, Awesome and yes Wooow XD
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  6. Thats alot of compliments :) thanks
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  7. What's in the top right corner? (In the picture)
  8. someone elses res :)
  9. I'm confused :confused:
    I'll just check it out myself :p
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  10. Seen it 20 minute's ago, It's epic! You just gave me some inspiration ;D
  11. It's interesting! I think the last part should be a giant ore block made of ores and mineral blocks.
  12. Maybe, but that wouldnt fit the current style
  13. Maybe you should make the empty part a jungle biome with a temple :D
  14. i was going to but the grass wouldnt be the right color and i cant expand downwards to do the mechanics for the temple traps due to limitations (i would have to go full out if had done this)
  15. You could ask the staff if you could have a bedrock sphere thing that are normally on the end towers. Then make a dragon egg pedestal for real and put an egg there.
  16. Well ive asked max for a piece of bedrock, as ender crystals are unobtainable, but she said no (and i can understand that). I would ask senior staff but i dont want to go around admin. Maybe when the build gets a bit more serious/permanent ill ask again or ill check with another admin. As for the egg having its own pedistal, I think thats possibly a GREAT idea and have already thought of a fair few designs.
  17. Wow, looks awesome. :)
    Maybe a hostile mob shrine?
  18. ooh, i like that idea, but i cant really think of how i would do it. Maybe a temple with stairs going up 2 sides with wither skulls on either side of the stairs leading to a statue of an enderman/ skele rising out of the temple. Thats just my first thoughts. hough i might want to keep the biome feel in this section, though not a bad idea for somewhere else on the platform.
  19. How about you make it a snow biome? :p
  20. It would be awesome if you could so something clawing up from the ground.
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