My plane trip

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  1. Well my qantas flight was suppose to board at 9:30 until it was delayed until 11 and didn't end up being ready till 12, we got on the plane and had to wait 2 hours for to fix a communications error, so it's 2am and were still waiting and the captain comes on saying they are canceling the flight... So here I am at 4am at a hotel waiting for room service...
  2. hmm sounds like fun :D

    also were you live?? ( or from ) its 11:09 PM here..... ( US EASTERN TIME )
  3. This is epic- FTW. Did the plane ever leave the loading dock area (I am not sure if that is what its called)
  4. No it just sat there with te captain saying we will be taking off in 10 minutes every 10 minutes
  5. I live in australia but in on holiday in England
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  6. Yay my room service just came at quarter past four in the morning :D
  7. I've been on a plane twice. It's not at all bad, dunno why many people are so afraid :p

    Good luck in your flight, I haven't had to deal with a delay of any sort, but that's probably cause I love cake, and cake solves everything. :D
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  8. Sucks to be you. :p

    Lets hope you get your flight tomorrow/
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  9. Wow, I hope something like that doesn't happen on my flight to San Diego tomorrow! :rolleyes:
  10. you mean the planet in the after-life system?? yea never heard of it :rolleyes:
  11. People are afraid cause it might crash
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  12. I'm assuming Heathrow or possibly Manchester to Brisbane, either via Singapore or Hong Kong? Must have been an A380. They're perfectly safe planes but are riddled with mundane issues.

    On second thought, it could easily have been a 747 or 777. Do you happen to know which?
  13. Yeah! Fellow AUSSIE!
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  14. Lol in NZ (Christchurch) I got up at 5 am to get on the plane back home to Brisbane, then the flight was delayed until 8:30 pm. So I just went into the main part of the city and looked around for 15 and a half hours :)
  15. Oh and my mum was landing on a plane coming back from Dunedin, then the plane hit the ground but the pilot had to immediately pull back up. Then they were circling the airport for around half an hour, then landed properly :D
  16. For some reason, all the planes that have had a delay that I was on are Airbuses. Hmm... :rolleyes:
  17. An Airbus is the safest plane you will fly on in your entire life!!!! And if he was flying QANTAS you have to be MAD to expect it to be on time!!!
  18. The captain-> troll-dance.gif
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  19. It was from heatheow to Singapore to be followed on to sydney on a qantas a380
  20. I love flying on airplanes.