My Picasa Photo Album for MC builds

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  1. Hi Everybody...
    I've been doing the OCCASIONAL screenshot of my builds. To give back to the MC community I've created a public Picasa photo album. I've got my tower on SMP6 in it, as well as the unholy union of the "Stone Pinnochio" Droppervator and Smelt-o-matic 1000. I also have the creative mode view of the Stone Pinnochio without the on-off switch. (Add an AND Gate and a switch) I will add more as I create them.

    All of these builds are in the Frontier wilderness off the Eastern Outpost on SMP6. There is a stone brick trail (once you find it) leading you to these, and a village I'm trying to create. (Zombies keep infesting it... and the villagers almost repopulated from a population of just two but recently all died!)

    Once the Village (Perriville) is "Done enough" I'll screenshot it. If you visit the village (or the tower) All I ask is that you replant any crops you harvest, and leave everything else alone, except trading with villagers. Trading with the villagers is welcome and encouraged. As funds (rupees) permit I'll repopulate the town. Right now it's a ghost town. Of course, any help with keeping the village alive is welcome.

    -- PS

    Also, I'm not sure how to link images directly from picasa, otherwise I'd have embedded the images. :)
  2. I was griefed beyond belief today. All of my structures razed. Is there anyway an admin can check logs and ban the responsible parties?