My Own Promo :3

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What do you think about a self made promo?

I'm not a fan of the idea 15 vote(s) 68.2%
I like the idea 7 vote(s) 31.8%
  1. I have made my own promo.

    Post what you think below

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  2. Um where is it?
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  3. Exactly what I was thinking lol.

    Also, I think it it great that you think your own creation is amazing. :rolleyes:
  4. Well I have one in my inv and ones at my utopia res :3
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  5. Who thought it was stupid?
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  6. Maybe you should post a image of it... (hint hint)
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  7. Well your post doesn't exactly tell us that
    It sounded like you were going to show us a pic ...
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  8. Ima post a pic kk?
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  9. Pic of de promo !

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  10. The missing apostrophe is just killing me.
  11. It's not exactly a "promo" as such, but cool idea though.
  12. I know its not a promo but i thought of it
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  13. Oh, by promo i thought you meant an item to promote something.
  14. lol
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  15. I am not employed only to get hermione granger a's on her tests
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  16. You didn't exactly invent renaming items. lol
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  17. I'm sorry, what? xD
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  18. It was a joke!
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  19. No like I didn't understand it at all...
  20. Um yeah it would go for like 100k on te forums lol. It's not exactly a promo unless you are capable of producing 100,000 more of them so everyone has an equal chance at getting one.