My old skype hacked!

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  1. Guys my old skype hacked! (meletis.flevarakis) EVERYONE BLOCK ME!!!!
    My new its this: flevasgr
    I have Green_Mystery, tehwafflez and some others....
    This sucker called FLOP HACKER and send a link from "" with a virus!!!!
  2. Why are you accepting random files from people? That's like giving your computer to a complete stranger.
    Anywho, you could still have the virus if you haven't scanned for it already.. I suggest downloading Avast! <- It's a great antivirus software that DESTROYS viruses. Oh, and did I mention it's free? ;)
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  3. I have EVERY single rat. I know how to defend my self from rats.I didnt download anything but this sucker steal my account/I should contact with skype for security issues, also i run even minecraft in sandbox.If i had his ip..........
  4. Kinda reminds me of what Twitch1's signature said.
    "You wouldn't give a total stranger the keys to your house in real life... Why do it in the virtual world?
    If your lot is griefed, you have no one other than yourself to blame."
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  5. Add me on skype everyone:


    or i will add you witchever :D
  6. I agree with you but i didnt download anything.
  7. Cookielegend2011 is my skype :p Not that I ever use it unless djozane is online. He's my gaming buddy and my best friend in school.
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  8. You obviously do not. You would also know that you can't run a Java Runtime program is a sandbox. Also - You can only DOS him if you A. had his IP B. he had an open port you could attack.
  9. is a proxy site. You can use it to get on EMC if you're forum banned. It generates a new, fake IP for you when you use it.
  10. If i knew when i got banned instead of using my bro to get my unbanned i had to pay him £5!
  11. I see that some on here are just giving there skype name out. Well did you know that people can get your IP via skype? And if you are unlucky you could get DDoS'?

    Ill suggest only giving skype to people YOU know IRL, otherwise you can risk getting DDoS' all day every day =P
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  12. If u want to add me
    Skype name:connor.frear
  13. add me nfell2009 i dont add ;)
  14. I just did i cant talk in 2 hours i can i just added u
  15. One hacker will visit the empire forum, he will see this topic and he will add us???
  16. You can't trust every one . :)
  17. :p
  18. Guy's I'd like to point out - As long as your router doesn't respond to ping requests (/ping IPHERE) into the Command prompt and you have no ports fowarded. You can't get DDOSed

    You can use this and pick 'Service ports'

    To see if your ports are open.
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  19. Did I mention that I have a mac XD

  20. This is why, I dont have Skype, Facebook, or any other blasting website! ( Except EMC <3 )
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