My Ocelot Disappeared...

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  1. I spent 245 rupees on an ocelot egg, put it into a pen and it disappeared...

    Is there any explaining this and if so, please tell me it!

    Also could I hopefully get that money back?
  2. If you walk away from a wild ocelot it will despawn, sorry
  3. But I was stood right next to the pen I was keeping it in?!
  4. in order to escape ocelot sometimes run into walls and suffocate
  5. next time go catch one your self, you will save about 225 r if I'm correct :p
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  6. Might I suggest taming it as soon as you spawn it from the egg that way it won't disappear :)
  7. They sometimes will glitch into walls if not tamed right away and made sit down. I recommend you make a large underground room. seal all the entrances ways and have it empty. Then go ahead and have about 6 raw fish out and put your egg down. Then you need to go slowly using shift is recommended, it will look at you keep right clicking on it with the raw fish and it usually takes about 3 to tame it. I hope I helped. Also don't buy it from /shop. Look around for people selling them in their own player shops. Player shops are a heck of a lot cheaper then the empire store. And for a good reason.
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  8. I know, I'm doing this to try to get a pet cat breeding thing

    Thanks for the help
  9. Now the problem is I need to tame it and it doesn't walk towards me when I hold raw fish?
    I can't feed it the fish either, can you tame small ocelots?
  10. Do you want me to help you in game with it?