My New Super Shop!

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  1. I had just finished my shop and I relized I would never have enough room to make more then 2 floors soooo... I built this!

    Come check it out at 8875 on Smp4!

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  2. hey i'm your neighbor and u have the best shop i know of
  3. Thanks man! :D
  4. Thank you for this great store. One of the best that I have seen so far.
  5. I'm glad people are enjoying it!
  6. hey iv been to your shop would be now but i updated :(
    VERY VERY VERY nice shop bro
  7. It could be good, but i am at smp1! (743):(
  8. Have you actually stocked this place? Barely anything is in stock...
  9. Last time I checked he was in stock in most items
  10. I tend to run out of stock on most items really quickly. Im usually in stock on most items.
  11. I tried again. still no luck :(
  12. Nice shop Just wondering what do people think about my shop SMP2 4373 Please have a look and tell me what they think (The shop is at the back of the residence)
  13. What items are you trying to purchase? I should be instock on most items.
  14. ores and stuff