my new store/hotel on smp 4

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  1. okay, I am trying to make a hotel and a store on my res. Here is a list of what i need for workers...

    1. miners (for minerals for my store ) pay: 300r a week
    2. hotel workmen/women (to make sure the guests are happy) pay: 175r a week
    and lastly...
    3. stokers (to help me re-sock the store) pay:100r a week

    I also need temporary help like.......

    1. builders to build the building
    pay: 3k (if you help Finnish the entire thing) 1k if you help build at a certain level

    I will no be on from sat.-wed. normally sat.-Mon.
  2. D: Well I hope you do good. I was going to make a hotel on my second res as well.
  3. Great idea, but why is this in the auction forums?
  4. yea wrong fourm lol
  5. i would actually like a job as hotel staff
  6. Moved the thread into a correct forum.
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  7. thank you green:D

    now i need 3 more people for hotel staff.:p

    2 people as miners :p

    and 3 re-stokers :p

    my hotel staff is so far: prof genius (thanks prof genius);)

    jobs are still open (i forgot to say this before my res is 8299) :D
  8. lol at your name xD
  9. I'll think about hotel staff. I'm not on often though.
  10. you will not be payed as much though
  11. Its the Mystery family xD
  12. Good to see you Red_Mystery... I haven't seen you in a while :)
  13. i know i have been very busy lately i should be on either Tuesday or Wednesday.:cool:
  14. I love the conversations between you guys :D... ;)
  15. what do you mean.:confused:
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    I love the conversations between you guys :D... ;)
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  16. I don't really know... :p
  17. Still looking for workers.
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