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  1. So over the past month or two I have been growing bored of EMC and MC. I have really only been playing a little in singleplayer and logging onto EMC just to get rupees. After all the time I had been playing I never even finished my res. So I decided it was time for something new. I moved from res 8873 on smp4 to res 1800 on smp1. I'm going to build a modern style house and I was looking for suggestions of what to put in it. Please put suggestions of what to put in my house or build on my new res below. Also please note this may take me a while and I might never finish it.
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  2. Cool! Welcome to SMP1! I like to build 3D wool models of things on my res, personally. In fact, right now I'm building a Delta IV Heavy rocket. Make it very detailed. PROTIP: If you build a wool model, you can shear sheep for free at res 911. I would also start a small specialty shop with just a few items. It could be wood, it could be spawn eggs, it could be anything! Just don't get so large that it's no fun to restock.
  3. A statue of yourself, a lot of glass, couches, TVs, fridges, a farm, etc.
  4. I'm not very good at building 3D models. I will probably have a small shop with wool, wood, and spawn eggs because I always sold a lot of those on my old res.
  5. I plan to have a lot of modern things like pool tables, couches, TVs, a kitchen, and bathrooms.
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  6. Be warned: because of 911, the wool market isn't very big here.
  7. if you want to see a cool house come to 19110 on smp9 go to the shop and look to the left
  8. I went there and that house is the look I am going for.
  9. yeah i just donated 1000+ to the owner
  10. MC bathrooms... lol
  11. My house is finally done. I think the inside turned out okay but I am not to happy with the outside. Maybe sometime when I am on you guys can come over and give me suggestions on how to make it look better. I will probably have chat off so just start running around to get my attention. Before anybody says anything, this is my thread and I can bump it if I want to.