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  1. so after almost 200 days with EMC, i've become bored of keeping a store up, taking care of animals, and tending a farm. i flattened my res's and i want to start new, and big. this is my first project.

    while playing today, someone randomly came to my res and told me it was awesome, and gave me a few stacks of donations of wool, you can see the pattern i am doing for the floors on the fist photo.
    i plan on making the walls go the entire way up until they meet in the middle.
    i figured i'd post this for everyone to see, just for the randomness and since I've been told a few times it looks pretty epic. :) and i thank you!
    if anyone else would like to donate, please do. also if you'd like to see it, SMP 2 /v 4350

    :) i'm excited!
  2. Soooo what is it gunna be?
  3. i have no idea, really, maybe a temple of some sort? i don't really know what it is, or what it will be used for lol, i just wanted to build something big, something someone could be like "AWESOME!" like some of the builds i have seen on EMC.
  4. looks awesome so far :) hope it go's well.
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  5. Cake approved.
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  6. lol thanks cake! i'll make sure i put a cake right in the middle when its all done! :)
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  7. MiniMoose Approved AND
    Gir Appoved
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  8. Ill be sure to give you a special robcake :p
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