My new project - Yet to be named

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  1. Keep an eye on SMP2 3040 as we move forward. I am working on something that will give the Millennium Tower a little bit of friendly competition ;). It is a long road ahead on this one but I plan on it being one of the widest, tallest structures around. It will have many uses for the public. The design will be old school but very nice looking in the end. It will kind of match my design of my buildings in 3039. Ill have progress pics up as I move on.

    and I just wanted to say hello again. See you around.


    p.s. Name suggestions for this structure?
  2. the eon tower (now THERES some competition ;))
  3. I like it. noted.
  4. Here we are as of today. Gonna build up main structure then fill it in with a little bit of amazing. Gonna make my other 2 towers look like needles.

    (thank you jackman94539 for the viewpoint for this image)

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